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Why we found a label

Did you know that techno smashed for few years around the year 2000?
Some say that the 90's was a techno bubble, you could find a party every night, magazines featured as a new era of music.

"It's impossible to forget the year 1993, you would say exactly the same thing if you were there. You just had to like techno to make friends. We were soooo happy."
said Tsutomu Noda on "Junk Funk Punk"

Happy was described as auspicious, but I would say that people of those days we were in sort of euphoria, another kind of paradise was going on in Japan. The scene spread and we were part of that smashed freak in some high school in Ibaragi.

This label Cassette Records is a memory of that good old days. No melody, no bass line, just for fun and dancing, we opened this space to webcast synthesizer and indescribable sound, processed and mixed into intelligent lines. The biggest difference between the early stage is that we now barely see RECORDS, time has changed. We can now see Djs putting CDs and PCs on turn tables, but if we did that we were kicked out of the club. Turn table was a sacred tool for Djs. You need at least 2 turn tables and a mixer to Dj. It used to cost around 200 thousand yen.

How lucky we are now, you only need a PC and a software to start your own Dj. You don't need to buy these expensive heavy and space-taking annoying vinyls because music is on MP3 and so on data.

Sound creation became easier too, scene is open to everyone who loves. How could we imagine a world where you can listen, download, create and stream, all for free online.
Dance music creators are not those who can't play instrument or read notes, and I really think lot of them can start their artist carrier.

The very first techno was a counter culture, but I feel that the same movement is back again. It's a little different to the euphoric time we went mad with that wicked sound, but I wish that the most romantic time will not just be one time a year on Wire but to see more movements all around.

Our purpose and wish is to play and be part of the urban scene Djs, and be able to share same kinda good old experience.

Lastly, let us tell that our next goal is to revive those annoying records, create and release sound you can only hear on 12 inch vinyl.


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